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  1. Separate the formation cards and the legends into 2 piles. Deal one formation card and 10 legends to each player.

  2. Decide which legends you are keeping and arrange them into formation, Any unwanted legends should be lined-up ready for trading.

       Some squads may be looking healthier than others.



  1. Deal 9 Cards into the centre of the playing surface. This is known as the transfer market.

  2. Each player will now have the chance to make up to 2 trades from the transfer market. (See Game Mechanics for more info on trading)

  3. The first player clockwise of the dealer with the most cards ready for trading will make the first trades.

  4. Repeat one more round of trades so that each player has had the opportunity to make up to 4 trades in total.

1st window opens.png


    After some shrewd trading your squad should be looking a little healthier.

  1. Take the existing transfer market and add it to the bottom of the legends pile.

  2. Deal 9 legends from the top of the legends pile back into the transfer market.


  1. Trading re-opens starting with the same player as before.

  2. Complete another 2 rounds of trading with up to 2 trades per round.


1. Add up each legend's occupied position rating, to a maximum of 100.

Each legend has 2 ratings but only the position they occupy counts when adding up your total squad rating. 

TIP! Each legend rating is out of 10. It's quicker to add up the difference between each legend's position rating and 10, meaning you only have to count small numbers. i.e. Two legend's rated 9 & 8 would be 1 + 2 = 3. From a total possible rating of 20, their rating is 20 - 3 = 17.

2. Add up any synergy tag bonuses. (See Game Mechanics for more info).

3. Combine step 1 & 2 to reveal your Total Squad Rating. (In the example below the total squad rating is 102.

calculate squad.png

Award points

1. Each squad will now go head to head, with 3 points being awarded for the highest total squad rating, and 1 point if the totals match. If 4 people are playing then the player with the highest total squad rating will have 9 points.

TIP! It is best to set an amount of games in advance so you will have a League Champion.

See example below.

league table.png

New Formation

1. The next game begins with each player handing in their formations cards which will be added to the bottom of the formation pile. 

2. A new formation is then given to every player.

3. Rearrange your squads into their new formations and then start from '1st Transfer Window Opens - instruction 3'.

4. Keep playing as many games as you like but remember to stop at a pre-agreed amount so you know who will be champion. 

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