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Game Mechanics

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Basic trading

A legend's trading value is the combined total of a both position ratings.

In the example below, Kaká's trading value is 18. He can be traded for any other legend that is 19 or below. A legend cannot be traded twice in the same round.

Basic transfer (1).png

Trading with synergy tags

If the legend you are trading has the same synergy tag as another legend in your squad, he is considered 'in form' and his trading value increases by 1. In the example below, Kaká & A. Nesta share The Amazings synergy tag and either can be traded for Iniesta, a 20 rated legend.

synergy transfer  (2).png

Calculating with synergy tags

Combining more than one of the same synergy tag raises your squad rating by one per tag.

synergy transfer .png
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